Appellate e-filing will arrive in Nigeria in 2012, when a revision to the appellate rules will make it mandatory for attorneys to file an electronic copy of all appellate briefs, no-merit reports and petitions for review. E-filing will be accomplished using the online electronic filing system developed for the appellate courts. The First version will be as test Pilot Project Lagos Divisions. 

Expected adjustments under the new rules; the filing of an electronic copy of all briefs,     no-merit reports, and petitions for review (and responses thereto) will be mandatory for attorneys. Under the new rules, e-filed documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). The courts database on electronic briefs shall be available to the public online, and it will prove extremely useful to attorneys doing research on Nigeria law. The system will permit the user to search the database for particular terms or phrases and their connotations. The Court of Appeal will also develop and implement a second phase of automation. This phase will encompass the following elements:  (a) Electronic Dissemination of Orders, Notices, and Opinions, (b) Electronic Filing of Notices, Motions, and other Documents, (c) Implement interface between trial courts and appellate courts, (d) Electronic payment of appellate filing fees.

The Nigeria Court of Appeal, online appeal filling system is an essential component of the strategic plan for technology for the Court. The intent e-filing is to transform the COURT OF APPEAL from a paper-based process to an electronic environment, where interactions occur via Internet or automated voice-response with improved servicing timeframes;  




e-filing system will be used by 90% of court staff and Judicial Officers and will transform the way all cases are received, adjudicated, communicated and dispositioned. This will significantly improve the quality of justice rendered in Nigeria’s trial courts by providing attorneys, judges and litigants with visibility and access to case information across all Nigerian courts. 

·      Institutional filers (Lawyers etc.) transmit directly from their computer systems.

·      Attorneys can file via Internet, tablets or kiosks.

·      Case records stored electronically.

·      Nigeria Appeal court can be accessed 24x7 from any location accessible through the internet.

·      Attorneys, litigants, justice partners, judicial officers and court staff can search across all case types for all Nigeria courts at the push of a button

·      Better information drives more-informed decisions and reduces the risk of conflicting orders.

E-Filler can track, get court notices, and hearing dates over e-Filling court portal.


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